Tossable Bean Bags With Sass

What are Buzz Bags?

Buzz Bags are mini bean bags with sass designed to allow you to throw around thoughts without saying a word! Toss one to a friend or foe. Vibrant colors and fun phrases help to stimulate conversation, or end it. You may be polite or bold as you like. This simple but effective method of communicating is more practical (and fun) to use than you might think. Don’t believe me? Here are three examples.

In the classroom

Engaging with students and keeping their attention can be tricky. There are numerous distractions, at all ages, and wasted time adds up over the year. Enter Buzz Bags. Subtly hand off a “Silence is Golden” to a student whose phone keeps going off. Abruptly toss “Snap out of it” to those sleepers in the back row.

At work

In a meeting when your co-worker is going on and on? Toss a “Too much information” or “Life is Short, Talk Fast” across the table. Shockingly, it gets the point across and gets the entire group laughing. In a cubicle? Neighbor talking too loud – toss a “Silence is Golden” – get the group laughing!

At Home

It’s another crazy cocktail party. Some things you’ve heard are “too funny” for words, toss over a Buzz Bag. Ever had a friend that has enjoyed too much wine and is saying inappropriate things? Time to toss “True but Rude” or “Seriously” to them – hopefully they will remember in the morning!

You’ve never seen anything like them, and that’s why they’re the perfect gift
for anyone at home, work, or the office. Remember, use caution when you’re tossin’!


Sassy Buzz Bags
The Sassy Pack

The Buzz Bag Sassy Set contains six, 2.5” bean bags, each with fun, sassy sayings including: Change the Subject; Really; True but Rude; Silence is Golden; No Whining and Life is Short; Talk Fast.

Party Buzz Bags
The Party Pack

The Buzz Bag Party Set contains six, 2.5” bean bags, each with fun, sassy sayings including: Get Real; Seriously; Snap out of it; Too Funny; Lighten Up and TMI.


Nice Buzz Bags

for the days you feel the love
Smile It's Contagious

Smile It’s Contagious

Contains six Buzz Bags.

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I Love You

I Love You

Contains six Buzz Bags.

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Have A Great Day

Have A Great Day

Contains six Buzz Bags.

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your own Buzz Bags!

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